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Strategic reviews


A fresh look together at your organisation's situation - to identify key issues and future opportunities 


Periodically – at least every two years - every organisation should take time out to carry out a major review of its strategic position, performance, and current strategies. This is to check your company’s current strategic approach is still appropriate and, equally, to identify what particular changes in policies, services or activities may be needed to better match the latest trends and opportunities.
Such a review is bigger than a SWOT (strengths/weaknesses & opportunities/threats) or market review for an annual business plan. Typical prompts for a strategic review are a change of CEO, new trends in customers’ requirements, a company having had a period of sustained losses, a major change in competitive conditions, or a merger with another organisation.
Owen Morris offers you an objective, supportive ‘pair of hands’ to work with you on the project, together with expertise in the necessary analytical and consultative techniques. 
Some typical areas for a strategic review
-          Trends and developments in your main markets e.g. market size, competitors, customers
-          Changes in the wider external  environment e.g. economic, technology
-          Marketing factors e.g. strengths of your range of products/services, market share, brand image
-          Opinions and expectations of your clients and other stakeholders
-          Trends in your organisation's financial performance – revenue, cost, profitability etc
-          Trends in your organisation's wider performance e.g. operations, sales, HR, product development
-          Nature/clarity/appropriateness of current overall company strategy
-          Your company’s overall/operating model  - strengths, weaknesses
-          Operational - strengths/issues in each functional area of your company
-          People – skills, satisfaction, capacity, opinions etc
-          IT, systems & processes – quality, cohesion etc
-          Intellectual & other strategic assets e.g. brand name, patents
-          Company organisation / structure – strengths/issues/gaps  
-          Board – skills, capacity, membership, balance, cohesion, leadership etc
-          Senior management – skills, capacity, cohesion, strengths, weaknesses etc
-          Leadership, governance and control methods  
-          Main strategic risks facing the company – today and looking ahead
A strategic review involves a varied mix of collating and analysing a wide range of information, consulting and talking with a range of different people, and adding an objective and interpretative mind and perspective.   The overall aim is to appraise the overall strategic ‘health’ of the organisation and identify the key issues and opportunities for your organisation’s Board and senior management to address and help shape their future strategies and plans.
Mini strategic reviews
A full review project normally needs a couple of months, allowing for the variety of tasks and time needed to do everything.  We normally recommend appointing a dedicated 'project team' of a cross-section of suitble individuals from your organisation to work with us alongside their normal day job.
Where time is constrained, however, a mini-review is possible, but the depth and range of data will be less.  In particular, we are often asked to do such a review as an advance step to a strategic away-day of a client's leadership team and this fresh/outside view can be very powerful in suggesting issues that need to be considered at the strategic meeting.
A strategic review is not a simple or quick project to undertake, but equally it’s one of the most necessary and valuable exercises to ensure sound strategic leadership for an organisation. 
So, contact us today by calling 01886 881092 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to get an expert, supporting hand and ensure your strategic review will be a success!